AI Myth

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AI Myth


The promise of organizations gaining the ability to predict future attacks is a marketing smokescreen hiding real progress in advanced diagnostic analytics and in risk scoring. To be clear, AI has potential to enhance the effectiveness of a security team. In the area of anomaly detection and security analytics, humans working with AI accomplish much more than without it. However, it is far more realistic to strive for “smart automation,” executing tasks with trained professional human effort that is complemented by automation rather than by fully automated AI features.”

Gartner Report: 5 Questions That CISOs Must Answer Before Adopting Artificial Intelligence

How to weigh the potential benefits and risks of machine learning


  • AI focuses more on malwares than exploits.
  • AI does not stop zero-days.
  • AI still produces inaccurate results (false positives).
  • AI products are expensive than traditional security products.
  • AI training errors can lead to false positives.

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