Assembler – enter the matrix

Best way to learn Computers! Is to learn Assembler that is what I did when I was around 16..  For a little nostalgia and time wasting.. Here are some links..

Assembly Language Tutorial –

x86 lins –

Full Tutorial –

Debug fun –

More Debug fun –

NetWide Assembler – and

Exchange 2003 to Virtual Server Migrations Tasks

  1. Insure all Exchange servers have SP2 and the latest updates
  2. Build and configure new Exchange Server and add to domain
  3. Configure new SMTP Server
  4. Setup Site Replication between Exchange Servers
  5. How to remove the first Exchange Server 2003 computer from the administrative group –
  6. Reassigning site roles after removing the first server in an Exchange site –
  7. View System Folders and insure Replicas exists (Offline address book)

AIX SysAdmin

AIX System Management Interface Tool (SMITY) –

IBM HMC (Hardware Management Console) –

IBM IVS (Integrated Visualization Manager) –

IBM Tivoli Identity Management (LDAP) –

IBM Systems Director Console for AIX –

AIX Tips and Tricks –

AIX Disaster Recovery –

3rd Party Products

IBM Systems Director

Setup RSA Monitoring

Setup DS Storage Monitoring

IBM Electronic Service

Using the IBM Electronic Service website you can
1. Allocate Inventory data to your ID
2. Open a Service request.
3. Configure the IBM Electronic Service Agent to automaticaly log service tickets. (Either as a Standalone agent or via IBM Director server)
Lost Usernames and Passwords for IBM ID email  : [email protected]
Register –

IBM Redbook – Implementing IBM Systems Director 6.1 –

Configuring Firewall


Open port Description

23 Telnet server

80 Webserver

161 SNMP traps

162 SNMP Agent

443 Secure Sockets Layer

2000 Remote Video

4444 Remote Disk

6090 IBM Director mode Access

IBM Systems Director Ports

RSA Active Directory Authentication

vSphere Documenters

Review scripts and Tools to document vSphere

VI Power Documenter



Virtual Environment Overview Report

Report in MS Word

Visio Automagic

Some other vmware scripts for reporting

  • LucD – Guest Provisioning System (cloning from templates)
  • tzamora – Vmware Infraestructure Power Documenter
  • esloof – Dynamic Resource Pool Calculator
  • rt7500 – VI-Cluster-Audit
  • Kyle Weir – VM Service Report v1.0
  • GordonG – Virtual Machine Failover
  • shambo – PowerAlarm Manager
  • rsgqjj – Get-VIReports
  • Adidas6 – Virtual Environment Overview Report
  • slx86 – clonevdi
  • ibeerens – VMware Healthcheck script
  • dbbaskette – powerVDI
  • CSummers311 – Rescan HBAs
  • olan025 ESXi – Builder
  • Jonwalz – Get-VDMData
  • justingrote – Create Disaster Recovery Hard Drive
  • tobru – VCB Backup Script
  • ITS_TDT – Business Continuity Roll over Script
  • RobMokkink – Deploy VM’s based on a template from a .csv
  • alanrenouf – Report into MS Word
  • MorDrakka – Find Orphaned VMDK’s
  • hugopeeters – Get-StorageInfo 85
  • ewmccarty – function destroy-network
  • RobMokkink – Add/Remove active directory user accounts
  • ewmccarty – Shutdown VM in specific Resource Pools
  • Chris Uys – Find snapshots and send email
  • RobMokkink – HBA Loadbalance script

TSM Tips

Restore Logging for TSM

via command line restore use:
1. dsmc restore c:\temp\* > c:\restore.out
2. dsmc restore /c: -auditlogging=full -auditlogname=”c:\program files\tivoli\tsm\baclient\ temp_audit001.log”
via dsm.opt
1. Place AUDITLOGGING in file dsm.opt (log will be created as dsmaudit.log in default tsm directory)