Best Organisational Structure

Best Organisational Structure

Man management and following the chain of command is one of the best ways to run an an organisation, but it creates corruptions. One of best ways to insure applicable resolution of issues is to create a regular anonymous feedback loop via surveys reviews of the Captains and Strategy via a anonymous Consigliere. This is a copy of how the mafia ran its business, except that the vital feedback loop now days can be done via anonymous surveys of strategy and the captains, directly connecting the boss to the soldiers, who frankly know how best to run the business.

Key points

  • Chain of command must be followed by soliders
  • Captains must direct soldiers as per goals and work with each other captain as a team.
  • Captains work as a team.
  • Underboss must man manage captains as a team.
  • Anonymous feedback by soldiers to consigliere to boss.
  • Regular reviews like Air Traffic investigation of issues.
  • Appointment of customer counsel. Pick your best customers to be part of your business regular surveys and feed back loop. (Shower them with career development not alcohol. You dont want drunks.)
  • Ultimate success and failure is with the boss no excuses.  Never more than one..

Example Org Diagram

BestOrgStructure 2018-06-11 14-32-47.png


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