Windows HA

There are a number of options to configure HA availability fault tolerance for Windows Servers

HA Platforms

  1. Vmware ESX HA (Highest Cost vs Highest Features)
  2. Microsoft Clustering (Lowest Cost vs Standard Features)
  3. Symantec Clustering and Symantec Dymanic Multipath Driver (Medium Cost vs Medium Features)
  4. EverRun (Low Cost vs High Features) *Integration with XenServer and ESX

with either SAN or iSCSI connectivity

Storage Options

  1. SAN Storage
  2. Hardware iSCSI
  3. Software based iSCSI

Other Options

  1. File Level Replication (SQL, DFS)
  2. Application Replicators (Symantec Replication Exec, IBM TivoliĀ® Storage Manager (TSM) FastBack)
  3. Bit/Block Level Storage Replication (IBM TPC for Replication)