Cyber Security Software Vendor, Partner and Distributor Strategy.

Channel Distribution strategy for a Cyber Security Software in the context of Managed Security Services, including competitive incentives such as Market Development Funding (MDF), Deal Registration, and more:

Understanding the principles of creating a high-performance channel, and best practices for managing your partners, MSP, MSSPs in order to increase your revenue through a indirect model.

Traits if Effective Channel Managers

Demonstrate an understanding of your partners’s needs, and present your technology and programs in a manner that makes them want to engage with you.Adopt a structured framework and methodology for developing your channel strategy, to recruit, develop, enable and manage high performing partners.Establish a relationship with your partners, by adopting the appropriate approach to engage with senior stakeholders and deal with difficult situations.
Traits if Effective Channel Managers

DynamicDSI Model

  1. Channel Partner Selection:
    • Identify potential channel partners that specialize in Managed Security Services and have a strong customer base.
    • Evaluate their technical expertise, market reach, customer satisfaction, and financial stability to ensure they align with your product and business goals.
  2. Partner Onboarding and Enablement:
    • Provide comprehensive training and certification programs to empower partners with in-depth knowledge of your Cyber Security Software and its value proposition.
    • Offer technical documentation, sales collateral, and product demos to aid their understanding and promote effective sales pitches.
    • Conduct regular webinars and workshops to keep partners updated on new features, updates, and industry trends.
  3. Competitive Incentives:
    • Market Development Funding (MDF): Allocate a portion of your marketing budget to support joint marketing activities with partners. Offer co-branded marketing materials, campaigns, events, and lead generation programs.
    • Deal Registration: Implement a deal registration program to reward partners who proactively identify and register sales opportunities. Provide them with exclusive access to pricing discounts, protection from channel conflict, and priority support.
    • Volume RebatesPerformance-Based Rewards: Set up a tiered partner program that offers escalating rewards based on partner performance, including sales targets, customer satisfaction, and product adoption metrics. Rewards may include enhanced margins, exclusive access to beta versions, or early access to new features.
    • Certification based Rebate Tiers
  4. Channel Marketing Support:
    • Provide partners with customizable marketing materials, such as white papers, case studies, and solution briefs, that they can use to educate prospects and differentiate themselves in the market.
    • Offer co-branded demand generation campaigns, including email templates, landing pages, and social media assets, to drive awareness and generate leads.
    • Facilitate joint marketing events, such as webinars, seminars, and conferences, where partners can showcase your Cyber Security Software and engage with potential customers.
    • Round Tables
      • Industry Specific Event Marketing
      • Threat landscape Insight Webinars
  5. Channel Support and Collaboration:
    • Establish a dedicated channel support team to provide timely assistance to partners regarding technical queries, pre-sales support, and post-sales implementation.
    • Foster open communication channels with partners, such as partner portals or online communities, to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and feedback.
    • Encourage regular business reviews with partners to discuss performance, address concerns, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  6. Continuous Partner Development:
    • Conduct regular training sessions, workshops, and webinars to enhance partner skills and knowledge in emerging cyber security trends and technologies.
    • Provide beta access to new product features and encourage partners to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.
    • Recognize and reward top-performing partners through awards, incentives, and public recognition.
  7. Partner Recognition
    • Rewards
    • Certification
    • Annual Events
  8. Partner Maturity Matrix and Model ( Journey )

Remember to adapt and customize this strategy based on your specific business goals, target market, and competitive landscape. Regularly assess the effectiveness of the program and make adjustments as needed to maximize channel partner engagement and revenue generation.


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