Cyber Security Mature Models

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Cyber Security Mature Models

There are so many maturity models that help us evaluate, assess, and benchmark the effectiveness of our security programs.

Maturity Models, by nature, are structured at various levels for continuous improvement. Hence, these further help in “suggesting/recommending” directions to what capabilities or improvements are needed to improve the performance of these security programs.

Sharing some of the maturity models for reference:

1. AWS Security Maturity Model from Amazon Web Services (AWS)
You can also refer AWS Security Maturity Roadmap by Scott Piper

2. OWASP DevSecOps Maturity Model by OWASP® Foundation

3. DevSecOps Maturity Assessment by GitLab

4. Cloud Security Maturity Model by IANS

5. Red Team Maturity Model

6. Threat Detection Maturity Model by Snowflake

7. Threat Hunting Maturity Model by Sqrrl

PS: While these maturity models are insightful, they might be misleading if circumstances, context, and risk appetite are not well considered.