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Desktop-as-a-Service and Flexible working articles

10 Big Companies with Telecommuting options –

Global Hosted Virtual Desktop Market 2012-2016 –

451 Research’s ICE report, ‘Desktops as a Service’ – 451ResearchDaaSMarketLeaders


Global Hosted Virtual Desktop Market 2012-2016 –

Activity Based Working

ABW is a concept that recognises that through the course of any day, people have a number of different work activities to complete – some require high levels of concentration and some require high levels of collaboration

Workplace reform for working parents –


Flexible working

The National Employment Standards give some employees the right to ask for flexible working arrangements to help them care for their child. Requests from eligible employees can only be refused for certain reasons.

Enterprise Social Collaboration and Networking

Comparing the TCO of PCS VDI DAAS

CIO Strategy –

Hosted Virtual Desktop Definition –

hosted virtual desktop (HVD) is a full, thick-client user environment, which is run as a virtual machine (VM) on a server and accessed remotely. HVD implementations comprise server virtualization software to host desktop software (as a server workload), brokering/session management software to connect users to their desktop environment, and tools for managing the provisioning and maintenance (e.g., updates and patches) of the virtual desktop software stack.

Cloud Computing –

Definition of cloud computing from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), IT services that are delivered as cloud services offer:

  • A pay-as-you-go model with minimal or no initial costs
  • Usage-based pricing, so that costs are based on actual usage
  • Elasticity, so that users can dynamically consume more or less resources
  • Location independence, high availability, and fault tolerance
  • Ubiquitous access to services, where users can access services from any location using any form factor

10 Best Practices for Public Cloud Services Selection and Management –


5 Desktop in the Cloud Reviewed – &

Information Week VDI in the Cloud – it-pro-impact-vdi-in-the-cloud_5776673_EXCERPT

Desktone Whtepapers –

Edge Strategies Microsoft 2012 SMB Cloud Adoptions Study –

“…despite a sluggish global economy, 63% of SMBs using cloud services today expect to grow in sales in the next 12 to 18 months while 55% believe technology will power their growth. SMBs worldwide are embracing cloud services to reap those benefits and stay ahead of competitors — 50% of SMBs say cloud computing is going to become more important for their operations, and 58% believe working in the cloud can make companies more competitive.

Techaisle – Global SMB Spend – 2016 Infographic

“…Virtualization, Cloud, Mobility, Managed Services will together form the Four Pillars of IT that will support the transformation of SMB, enabling them to reach their full potential in the shortest period of time…global SMB Cloud spend will grow by 22% in 2013, Mobility by 14%, Managed Services by 15%, Virtualization by 25% and datacentre by 8%.”

“The SMB server and network will start becoming less visible as they progressively move offsite physically and from a remote management perspective. Cloud-based server spend will likely grow by 40% as compared to on-premise new server spend growth of 5%, the benefits of remote management overwhelming the on premise for headcount-constrained firms.”

The Business value of AWS TCO – – ICE- Infrastructure Computing for the Enterprise 2012 & 451_ICE_DaaS_2012_ExecOverview

Desktop Virtulization Eco-System –

Flex-e Toolkit FINAL[1]


Cloud Service Brokerage –


Drive Revenue through Windows XP End of Life, XenDesktop, XenApp and AppDNA –

Worldwide Workspace-as-a-Service 2012–2016 Forecast: The Emerging WaaS Market –

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Build A Better Business Case For UC –

Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting, North America

NBN Case Studies –

Smartphone as PC –

Building a DaaS support team –

IDC VDI Landscape – idc-marketScape-2012

Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting, Asia_Pacific –


Law Firms discover Flexible IT – WP-EN_Law-Firms-Discover-Flexible-IT-White-Paper_1W1


Cloud Enabling Platforms for Service Providers, Update (04.12.2013) (1)



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