HowTo: New Tricks

HowTo: New Tricks

DOS F7 History

Everyday you learn new things, or maybe week or month.. I been using DOS since IBM DOS 3.x and MS-DOS 6.x and just found out about the F7. I am positive allot of you out there never seen this either, because i am sure I would have seen someone use it in the past. Its been there since the start!!!!

2014-09-09 08_56_59-New Tab

Windows Steps Recorder

2014-09-15 17_05_21-Program Manager


Ever struggled to create step-by-step install or configuration instructions for software. Well all these years, there has been something built into Windows called Windows Steps Recorder.  Its much better than StagIT and just works the way you want to record a Install Steps instructions. Check it out, it will improve your environment straight away. Gota hand it to Bill Gates..

Walkthrough: Problem Steps Recorder –

While we are here, Check out the Microsoft Snipping Tool – C:\Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exe ;

Anti-Mail Ware Test File

Here is another one for you:

If you need to test your End Point Security use the following Anti-Mail Ware Test File software:-

Now go and show off these tips to your colleagues. 🙂 Kudos

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