IT People are Lazy Sods

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IT People are Lazy Sods

Every company I have worked for, The first the I end up fixing is the most fundamental issues.. It amazing how many problems the following items cause and IT people CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.. This is another reason to move to the Cloud.

  1. Time Synchronisation – I recall arguing for months on TIme Sycn should be configured. Sigh, its so easy, use a AD as your central time source, insure Virtual Machines don’t get time from the VMware agent. Insure you have a single time source that is synced to Global redundant time providers. Open the NTP,etc Insure anything that is not part of the AD Domain, is manualy added the NTP Settings. ITs best to setup a standalone NTP Server as well secure it..
  2. Microsoft Updates – Make sure you keep ALL Windows Machines to the Latest. Install ALL Updates for god sake. The amount of time i argued with people over this.. Just freaking install everything, if u think u are smarter than Microsoft good for u.
  3. Backups – Ask you IT person, how are the backups, then ask him to restore something. !
  4. Any to Any Rules – You firewall will be just a swiss chess, lazy IT people wont both to secure the Firewall at all,
  5. Documentation – Well, any IT person that doesnt document, should be fired. They keep this info in there head for Job protection, then again, u can’t blame them either.. I document so i can move up and out of that role to something better.


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