MacBook Pro – Ethernet Link Aggregation. Little known feature to increase your Internet speed.

Working from home, most people will be connecting via Wireless and/or a Ethernet network cable. In my home office the wireless single is very strong and I also ethernet cable connecting directly to my Fortinet 60D-POE router 1000 Mbps port which in tern is connected to NBN modern for FTTP.  On Mac your if you have both Wifi and Network cable pluged in and working, the preciddeed is set and only one network is active at the same time. If one gets disconnected the other one will be activevated, but both will never work at the same time. However, you can use Link aggregation to connect your Wifi and Network to increase you bandwith speed. It doesn’t really decrease you latency, but I tested this and firstly WHY NOT, it does provide the following results. So here is the instructions to set this up.