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You can generate a key in Mac OS using the ssh-keygen command. You should run it in Terminal or iTerm and specify a type of encryption. You will also be asked for a file in which the key should be saved to and for a passphrase (password) for the key:

This will create a private key written to ~/id_rsa and a public key written to ~/ The passphrase is used to protect your key. You will be asked for it when you load your key. You can load the key using the following command:

ssh-add ~/id_rsa

Paste the Client Key you created when prompted


Your public key is saved to the;file and is the key you upload to your Triton Compute Service account. You can save this key to the clipboard by running this:

pbcopy < ~/.ssh/
rsync -e "ssh -p 18765" -aHz YOUR_SERVER_IP:/home/USERNAME/ /home/LOCAL_USER/BACKUP/
rsync -e "ssh -p18765 -i/Users/.../.ssh/" -arcvhz [email protected]:/home/user/ /Users/User/desktop/backup
mysqldump -u db_user -p db_name > db_backup.sq

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