Transfer MSDN to another email address

Transfer MSDN to another email address

Transferring subscriptions is a self-service customer process and I have provided the steps below for you, however, please do be aware that per the offer policy, this offer is limited to one per subscriber. So, this means you would not be able to have two Visual Studio Enterprise – MPN Subscriptions per subscriber.

These are steps for transferring a subscription:

These are steps to move resources from one subscription to another subscription.

In addition, if transferring your subscription to different tenant here are important considerations.

-Co-admins, Service Admin and RBAC permissions will get removed during the transfer procedure however you can manually add them back after the transfer has been completed.

-Any services or deployments that are tied to, or are dependent upon, the specific Azure Active Directory (AAD) tenant will be interrupted during a cross-tenant transfer and you would need to manually re-configure them. We have some detailed documentation that will help guide you in identifying your AAD dependencies:

-Azure AD Domain Services – Cannot be transferred or migrated, as this is a feature tied to a specific AAD tenant.

-Azure Key Vaults – Could be impacted by a SOT if the tenant ID for these resources is not updated. For more information, go t0

-SQL-related users and databases – Could be impacted, especially if you are using an AAD-related authentication. For more information, go to

-App Services – Could be impacted, as these are configured with AAD authentication.