VMware Data Protection with Data Domain and DD Boost

VMware Data Protection with Data Domain and DD Boost


VMware now provides a very powerful Data Protection suite as part of all versions of vSphere. So, you don’t need to invest in another backup solution..

VMware Data Protection can be integrated with EMC DataDomain, EMC DDBoost, and EMC Data Protection Advisor to provide a central integrated backup solution for Virtual Environments.. Data Domains can be used to replicated over WANs.

VMwre Data Protection is Application-aware backups: Application-level backups for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server are performed using a lightweight in-guest agent that ensures application-consistent backups and provides granular recovery.

vSphere Data Protection has the capability to properly back up and restore Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint application databases. SQL Server clusters and Exchange Server database availability groups are also supported. A vSphere Data Protection application agent is installed in the guest OS of each virtual machine running these applications. It is also possible to install these agents on physical machines to protect Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint application databases. Agents enable application-consistent backup and recovery and provide support for other options such as full, differential, or incremental backups; multistream backups; and database log management.

EMC Data Domain Boost for Enterprise Applications integrates seamlessly with Oracle RMAN, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, SAP HANA, and IBM DB2 to provide application owners and database administrators with complete control of their own backups, using their native application utilities. This empowers applications owners with the control they desire and eliminates storage silos for application protection.

With vSphere Data Protection, it is possible to restore individual files, folders, and directories within a virtual
machine. An FLR operation is performed using a Web-based tool called vSphere Data Protection Restore Client.The process enables end users to conduct restores on their own, without the assistance of an administrator, by selecting a restore point and browsing the file system as it looked at the time that backup was done. They locate the item(s) to be recovered, select a destination for the restored item(s), and start the recovery. The progress ofthe restore job can be monitored in vSphere Data Protection Restore Client.

Data Domain enables scale beyond the 8TB limit imposed by a Vmware Data Protection appliance.


Limitations of VMware Data Protection

This is a much better solution than Veeam – http://blogs.vmware.com/virtualreality/2014/04/debunking-myths-vsphere-data-protection.html

Bill of Materials:

  • VMware Data Protection
  • Data Domain Appliances
  • EMC DD Boost
  • EMC Data Protection Advisor
  • EMC Data Domain Management Center
  • EMC Data Domain Extended Retention
  • EMC Data Domain Replicator
  • Riverbed WAN Optimization
  • EMC Data Domain Retention Lock
  • EMC SourceOne

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