Vuforia Beginner Tutorial

Table of Contents

Vuforia Beginner Tutorial


This is a very basic tutorial to get the Vuforia AR samples running on your iPhone..


  • Latest edition iPhone
  • Apple MacBook or Mac with latest High Sierra
  • Xcode installed


  1. Update your Apple Mac and iPhone
  2. Download and install Xcode from App Store on your MacBook Pro
  3. Create account on
  4. Download the iOS SDK –
  5. Download the Samples –
  6. Extract the SDK files
  7. Extract the Samples files
  8. Select and Copy VoforiaSample into Voforia-SDK-ios…\samples folder
  9. Connect your iPhone into your MacBook pro via USB
  10. Open the VuforiaSamples.xcodeproj file in XCode
  11. Follow instructions here –
  12. Setup Project to run on iPhone Device
  13. Change the General | Identify |Bundle Identifier –
  14. Change Singing to your Apple Developer account
  15. Log in to your Vuforia account and create a license key Search and find the following string: Vuforia::setInitParameters(mVuforiaInitFlags as per
  16. Build and Run the App
  17. On the iPhone – General | Device Management and then approve the App

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