Why am I learning Kotlin

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Why am I learning Kotlin


I started my career teaching my self GW-BASIC, then moved to a bit of C++ and ASM, soon realized other than getting a job in Computer games programming, it was very difficult to find jobs using C++ and ASM in my small town, thought about Java and by that time, I moved into infrastructure and away from development. Writing boring business logic really didn’t interest me.. But, now that full stack development means you can pretty much develop apps all on your own and deploy them globally, I am once again interested in getting back and working on some projects. The likes of Snapchat and Instagram are incredible motivation to learn.  Such basic apps that sold for millions of dollars.

But were do you start, there are so many different frameworks and languages you get lost in google search within 30mins.

Lets start with few criteria;

  1. Must be well funded
  2. Must be opensource
  3. Must be popular on GIT
  4. Must be multi-platform and execute on iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux, IoT and other with single source.
  5. Must be able to build front end, backend, APIs, micro services and integrate easily with backend solutions like firebase.
  6. Support for Strongly typed, OOB, refresh, PWA, Tree Shaking, Code Splitting, Progressive Hydration and Layered Routing.
  7. Support for UI frameworks, Bootstrap, module NPM style.

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