All HAIL the great salesman – Why big companies fail

All HAIL the great salesman – Why big companies fail

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This article is very much focused on Technology and technology product selling and strategy.

I have been working in technical selling / pre-sales for around 5+ years and absolutely love my job, but I have experienced times where the company either failed or team failed. I always wanted to analyse why either the business was highly profitable then started to declines in profits.

Few of my personal experiences/frustrations have led me to write this article.

Frankly, if you are a pure salesman or person. You will not like this article, just like you don’t want to hear what you don’t want to hear.

Let me ask you something, who built the biggest empires in history. Who are these creators?

Lets look at a few examples of the current 4 largest technology companies in the world.

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  • Two inventors and creators, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Both are Product Engineers. Company was built from the ground up by Product Engineers.


  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both Phd level scientist. Both Product Engineers.


  • Bill Gates. Software Programer and a Product Engineer.


  • Jeff Bezo. Software developer and Product Engineer.

Elon Musk

  • I do engineering and manufacturing thats 80% of or more of time, hardcore engineering, designing things, structural, mechanical, electrical, software, user interface, aerospace engineering.

When was the last time a Sales person created a great global company. So why do then end up running great Product companies and stifles innovation and strategy.

Lets be clear , Sales people don’t have any technical skills of any kinda, Finance, marketing, software engineering, etc.  Sales is allot about selling them self, Frankly I dont think most salespeople actually sell, they just represent the business. Most leading technology companies the product will sell it self. 

These are the biggest companies in the world, invented by product engineers with technical capability.

Now let me ask you, are they, Lawyers, Accountants, Marketers. So, why do successful technology companies put Layers, Accountants, and Sales People in C- level leadership positions. Why do these people get promoted into C level roles, after a technology company becomes successful. These people cant innovate anything nor have any technical skills. 

Essentially what I am say is , big companies like IBM fail because Political and Authority figures take over roles, because technical people are too busy solving all the problems.

Once a company reaches a certain size due its product success, it will be taken over my non-product engineers. People who are merely interested in the numbers.. Once the product has reached a level of success, the company needs to become sales focused and turn into regional sales businesses and eventually sales will run company and then decline will happen because the lack of product engineers in leadership roles.


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