Apple MAC OSX – Burn Bootable .ISO Images

Apple MAC OSX – Burn Bootable .ISO Images

  1. Open Disk Utility
  2. Drag & drop the .iso onto the left panel (under where you see your HD listed), or in some other manner get it into the left panel (may vary with the version of OSX you are using)
  3. Highlight the .iso
  4. Choose “Convert” at the top
  5. IMPORTANT: Choose “DVD/CD master” for the image format
  6. For encryption choose “none”
  7. Click “Save”, and make sure the file type is “.cdr” (you can keep the .iso if you want as well)
  8. After some time, you will have another image; burn that image
  9. Insert a writable CD or DVD, and choose the slowest possible burn time (for safety)
  10. Choose to verify the disk you are burning as well, then click “Burn”
  11. Depending on what OS built the .iso, the result may not be readable by your Mac, but  the PC or hypervisor where you will install it will be able to read and boot it
  12. hdiutil isoName.iso

Apple MAC OSX “alias” error

Grrr, My Mac sometimes gives me the following errors on links/shortcuts/alias, I have linked to a Folder or File on my WD NAS..

Nothing on google helped..

I then tried to following and fixed the problem

Error MSG: The alias “……..” can’t be opened because the original item can’t be found.


  1. Open a Terminal Window
  2. CD Desktop
  3. ls
  4. open [alias name]
  5. Close Terminal Window
  6. Double click the same alias and it should work..