You can generate a key in Mac OS using the ssh-keygen command. You should run it in Terminal or iTerm and specify a type of encryption. You will also be asked for a file in which the key should be saved to and for a passphrase (password) for the key:

This will create a private key written to ~/id_rsa and a public key written to ~/ The passphrase is used to protect your key. You will be asked for it when you load your key. You can load the key using the following command:

ssh-add ~/id_rsa

Paste the Client Key you created when prompted


Your public key is saved to the;file and is the key you upload to your Triton Compute Service account. You can save this key to the clipboard by running this:

pbcopy < ~/.ssh/
rsync -e "ssh -p 18765" -aHz YOUR_SERVER_IP:/home/USERNAME/ /home/LOCAL_USER/BACKUP/
rsync -e "ssh -p18765 -i/Users/.../.ssh/" -arcvhz [email protected]:/home/user/ /Users/User/desktop/backup
mysqldump -u db_user -p db_name > db_backup.sq

Uninstall Dell Kace Agent from Mac OSX

Uninstall Dell Kace Agent from Mac OSX

  1. Choose Apple menu () > System Preferences, then click Users & Groups (or Accounts).
  2. Click lock icon, then enter an administrator name and password.
  3. Click Login Options.
  4. Click Join (or Edit).
  5. Click Open Directory Utility.
  6. Click lock icon in the Directory Utility window, then enter an administrator name and password.
  7. From the menu bar in Directory Utility:
    • Choose Edit > Enable Root User, then enter the password that you want to use for the root user.
    • Or choose Edit > Disable Root User.
  8. Open Terminal Window
  9. Type su
  10. Type Password for root
  11. Change Director to /Library/Application Support/Dell/KACE/bin
  12. Then type ./AMPTool uninstall
  13. Delete file user/Library/StartupItems/AMPAgentBootup.

sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/bin/AMPTools uninstall