Big Data Insights and Machine Learning for Cyber Security

Big Data Insights and Machine Learning for Cyber Security


Time to learn Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence


Time to learn Machine Learning

Its always been on my bucket list to do more Machine Learning; now its time to dive in, this is just to document my journey; I want to build something, either a back testing platform for Cyrpto or a real-time data visualisation or possibly Google – GRR with Opensource Threat Intel and visuals.

Going to start with these to free sources;

  1. AWS Free Machine Learning Course –
  2. Crypto Data Analysis –
  3. IBM –
  4. GB8ZMQZ3
  5. Datacamp –
  6. Trading –
  7. Setting up Anaconda –


Machine Learning / AI / Data Analytics


Data Visualisation

Machine Learning Guide

  • Module 1: Regression
    Maximum Likelihood, Least Squares, Regularization
  • Module 2: Bayesian Methods
    Bayes Rule, MAP Inference, Active Learning
  • Module 3: Foundational Classification Algorithms
    Nearest Neighbors, Perceptron, Logistic Regression
  • Module 4: Refinements to Classification
    Kernel Methods, Gaussian Process
  • Module 5: Intermediate Classification Algorithms
    SVM, Trees, Forests and Boosting
  • Module 6: Clustering Methods
    K-Means Clustering, E-M, Gaussian Mixtures
  • Module 7: Recommendation Systems
    Collaborative Filtering, Topic Modeling, PCA
  • Module 8: Sequential Data Models
    Markov and Hidden Markov Models, Kalman Filters
  • Module 9: Association Analysis
  • Module 10: Model Selection
    Model Comparisons, Analysis Considerations