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Hello and welcome to, this blogs intent is to create a central resource for Cloud Security with information for combined fields including; security architecture, SecOps, security automation (DevSecOps), incident response, penetration testing, threat intelligence, threat hunting, focused on Public Cloud (Azure, GCP and AWS.)

  • Cloud Security Penetration Testing. Red Teaming. (e.g. TIBER-EU)
  • Cloud Security Digital Forensics.
  • Cloud Security Architecture and Detection Engineering. (Blue Teaming)
  • Cloud Security Incident Response.
  • Cloud Security Strategy and Risk Assessment.
  • Cloud Security Proactive Threat Hunting.
  • Cloud Security Monitoring and Compliance.
  • Cloud Security Automation.
  • Serverless, Container, SaaS, API and Web Security.

Proactive Threat Hunting is a unique combination of skills and it is not something that is commonly promoted.

Proactive Threat Hunting rises from Digital Forensic and Incident Response. It is about all the environment-wide insights and analysis. Threat hunting doesn’t consist of incidents investigation, it is a proactive search of known and unknown threats, so a threat hunter can’t just sit and wait until something happens. Human-led reactive and proactive threat hunting based on risk analysis and integrated threat intelligence feeds to augment indicators of compromise

Threat hunting expertise. Reactive threat hunting, targeted threat hunting, and proactive threat hunting all are important in helping organizations improve security maturity and strengthen their defenses. Another key differentiator is continuous proactive threat hunting, which is an optimal preventive strategy.

Threat Hunting utilises EDR and XDR in its purest form is a platform that offers detection and response capabilities utilizing e(X)tended telemetry sources that is managed by the purchasing entity.

This blog will include articles, PodCasts, Source Code, templates, Screencasts, Best practices guides, documentation template and Research into various aspects of Cyber Security.

Why write blogs; The Protégé Effect: How You Can Learn by Teaching Others

The protégé effect is a psychological phenomenon where teaching, pretending to teach, or preparing to teach information to others helps a person learn that information.

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Rules for PodCasts and Blogs

  • 30 mins concise (not waste of time, straight to the point and Topic.) Allot of PodCast is like listening to two people talk without any structure and goes on forever.
  • Easy PodCast must have corresponding Show Notes, ToC, Blog and Reference of all things discussed.
  • Provide a forum and discussion via Discord.
  • Content relevant to Australian Cyber Security industry.

It is peculiar irony in life that the fastest and best way to learn something is to give it to others as soon as you learn it — not to hog it yourself.

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